Randy Pitchford Is Poison (The Jimquisition)

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Jim Sterling

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Shared May 13, 2019


Quick note of correction: for some reason I called Wade Callender "Mark" twice in the video. Do not ask me why. According to Google, Mark Callender is an estate planning attorney in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So there's a fact for you!

I'd promise this is the last video I'm doing on Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, but I can't guarantee against His Royal Weirdness doing something else screwed up that merits more.

Randy Pitchford's pattern of erratic behavior and continued aggression might have made him a successful YouTuber, but as a CEO of a corporation, as a man who personally goes out of his way to represent the brand, it's beyond untenable.

From Colonial Marines to Borderlands 3, whenever there's a controversy involving Gearbox, Randy is almost always in the middle of it. It's time he just... stopped.

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