Don't Buy A Surfskate Until You Watch This Video! Best Surfskate Review

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Zeke Kamm

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Shared December 23, 2020

It's an EPIC showdown between the best surfskate skateboards on the market! Carver vs Flow vs Hamboards vs Waterborne Surf Adaptors vs YOW vs Surfeeling! Who will win? We all will!

The surfskates reviewed in order of the video:
Hamboards Classic​ (longest longboard skateboard ever)
Hamboards Logger
Hamboards Huntington Hop
Hamboards Pescadito
Hamboards Twisted Fin
Carver Black Tip Complete
Carver Super Surfer Complete
Waterborne Surf Adaptor​ on a Landyachtz Dingy
YOW Kontiki
YOW Waikiki
Surfeeling Bone Breaker
Flow Wedge
Action shots filmed with a GoPro Max:

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Music by:
Blue Wave Theory
"Skyhaw Beach"
"Beach Closed No Surfing"
"Lava Spout"


Speed Limit 35

David Miller
"Old Man Go"
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