♫ Welcome! ♫ I'm a classically trained pianist, and this is my youtube channel dedicated to covers of music from mainly film, TV show and game soundtracks. You can find all Sheet Music and MIDI files on my website! Profile Pic by You can contact me via youtube PM or go to the "contact" section of my website. -FAQ- (More on my website!) Q: What piano(s) do I use? The upright piano you see in most of my older videos is a YAMAHA U3. The digital piano is a Roland DP-90e, which I use for my more recent videos. I occasionally play on grand pianos too, a Steinway and a Yamaha, but (sadly) those aren't mine. They both belong to a local school. Q: Can I use your video for one of my videos, for example as backgrond music? As long as you give credit in the description, no problem! Banner image background by my friend Samuel Rossi! Check him out here: