That Pedal Show

That Pedal Show is dedicated to anyone and everyone with an interest in great guitar sounds. Our main focus is effects pedals, but that also means a lot of talk about amps, guitars and everything else that goes in to making fantastic tones. You can expect demos and comparisons of new and not-so-new gear, all with plenty of comment and opinion. We are… Daniel Steinhardt Boss man at TheGigRig, a company dedicated to helping guitarists and bass players achieve constant inspiration from their tones. Daniel has also been a professional guitar player since he was about, ooh, eight. Mick Taylor Former editor-in-chief of Guitarist magazine, having spent almost 20 years to date as a guitar journalist, commentator and creative professional. Mick has played in bands since before he was born. Or at least it feels like it. You may like to buy a T-shirt. It helps us raise cash to keep making videos! Also