Hello, I'm a Brazilian gamer and passionate about games of all types and eras. This is my YouTube channel. Focused on soundtracks and full playthrough game videos in HD and 60FPS*! *Note: 60FPS may not be available for old Android and/or old IPhones. -- Videos encoded with Encoding Package -- I also make videos on the websites World of Longplays - You who just entered my channel, be very welcome and read the rules very carefully " In time we can have a little more friendship, meanwhile, treat me with a lot of respect, and remember your stay here depends on my will and your conduct You who consider yourself the expert in games, and enter to be unethical or to look for problems, know that this type of attitude is NOT welcome here. -- Rules: - You can request a longplay - I speak portuguese, english and spanish. - No spam. - No Sub4Sub - Users who make offensive comments will be blocked. . Thanks and enjoy your stay. Subscribe!