WELCOME TO "CINEMATIC GAMING" CHANNEL! I make hi-quality game movies, movie-edition walkthroughs, gaming music videos, best moments, compilations and other gaming videos. SUBSCRIBE AND ENJOY THE VIDEOS! FOR THE MONETIZATION TEAM My channel aims to create and convey a special approach towards walkthroughs, gameplay and gaming culture on the whole. I make not just no commentary gameplay videos, all my videos contain a lot of montage or creative value in order to create a movie-like walkthrough with the best possible graphics in every single game. I mostly make hi-quality game movies & movie-edition walkthroughs with graphic mods, a bit of gaming music videos, best moments & compilations, and some game and PC reviews. I also make videos with my narration. Though I can't make videos with my voice or presence in the frame on a regular basis because I'm not a native English speaker, I'm still learning. I try to do my best to comply with all YT and YPP rules and policies. Regards A.D.